Seiko SRP493K1 Horloge Onderdelen 4R36-02Z0 Horlogeband, Wijzers, Bezel, Kroon & Wijzerplaat

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  • Merk:Seiko
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  • Artikelnummer:1E70ALSNS2
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This product includes all the available original watch parts for the Seiko Superior Stargate II SRP493K1 & SRP493J1, like the dial, bezel, chapter ring, glass, crown, bracelet and hands.


Related case numbers:

4R36-02Z0, 4R36 O2ZO


Related models:

SRP493K1, SRP493J1, SRP493



Part Reference
Strap R002031J0
Bracelet M0MT111J0
Dial 4R3602V4XL13
Hour Hand 1FA085FJBEM
Minute Hand 2FA125FEBE6
Second Hand 3BX125FJBE5
Bezel 87061345
Crown 1E70ALSNS2
Dial Ring 84326456
Glass 310XA7HN03
Click Spring 81332879



  • Model naam:Seiko Stargate II Superior
  • Bezel:Roestvrij staal zwart
  • Dial:Blauw
  • Wijzerplaatring:Blauw
  • Wijzers:Seconde, Minuut & Uur
  • Kroon:Roestvrij staal


Joonas Geplaatst op October 16, 2018 12:41

As discriped

Rich Rader
Rich Rader Geplaatst op January 20, 2018 08:17

Dial delivered in OEM package and was flawless, installation went without a hitch and is absolutely gorgeous. The blue is a wonderful match for the deep dark blue of Seiko's standard Pepsi bezel color, but in metallic sunburst with bright chrome applied indices. Lumibrite is generously applied and lasts all night as expected from Seiko's divers. I combined with a chapter ring from the SRP773 (P/N 84332157) and the Pepsi bezel from an SRP779 or SRPA21(86016599 or 8601659C) and it was breathtaking.

Thanks again, Watch Parts Plaza!

Yoky V.
Yoky V. Geplaatst op November 16, 2017 08:29

No description was given

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